Has there been a rise in online casino demand?

Because of the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic, most operators have are now presenting their offers online using suitable access devices. What was the response of online casino business unit representatives to this query? What challenges did the sector experience regarding quarantine? How were users affected, or does the jurisdiction determine this?

Our article below sheds more light on this.

Professional opinion on the present scenario

It is apparent that in many states, the number of fans who play with a smartphone was around 80% of everyone who took part in the online gambling sector.

From 2012 to 2018, the number of players who would prefer using smartphones to play casino games, for instance, online slots, rose by 117%. It shows that previously, individuals were predisposed to choosing slot machines offline, live poker, etc. Online casino manufacturers are now pinning their hopes on VR-reality, which are crucial additions.

The same publication interviewed Evolution Gaming’s Product Director, Todd Hauschalter, who also foresaw the future and stated that the online sector could expand. Addressing the client query, he said that ten years back, client trust in firms was paramount; however, today, people trust the Internet more.

It is anticipated that this year, market players will use $4.5 billion on VR technology, which will enable them to access a specific game. For instance, NetEnt has nearly finalized the creation of NetEnt Live Beyond Live, the latest VR Live Casino.

According to statistical information, this method is becoming more and more popular. For instance, in the UK, the online slots demand rose by 25% one month after quarantine started. Also, an increase of 38% in online poker room action has occurred. Experts are certain that following a three-month quarantine, these figures will rise even more.

Ictales says that a significant number of new online casino players frequent slot halls and ground establishments. A famous publication says that Eliers & Krejcik Gaming’s Managing Director, Chris Krejcik, has faith that the states will recoup the losses incurred through betting and online casinos.

He is confident that the demand for these sectors will rise because of the pandemic, and license charges and tax payments will restore the budget.

In the captivating USA slot proposal, Hard Rock Casino was exceptional and became the first online gaming supplier in the world to use the Internet in slot machine promotion. The  Hard Rock International’s Senior Vice President of Online Games and Sports Betting Krezimir Spadzic, says that the latest feature enables players to play with terrestrial slot machines virtually.

The gaming equipment is situated in Hard Rock Atlantic City, and New Jersey players can use a regular PC, tablet, mobile device, or MacBook to access it.

Limitation of online casino provisions before the quarantine and afterward

In the same instance, some countries’ legislative framework directly influences the online casino market. As far as this is concerned, Latvia is not lucky; here, the land-based sector and online casinos are under limitations. At first, it was because under the self-insolation influence, the inhabitants of the state will most probably play games of chance. It will raise the incidence of gaming that has challenges.

As a result, Enlabs went to court alleging that the prohibition is in breach of the Foreign Investment Protection Act and targets the guarantee of business freedom. The main impact of this resolution is also highlighted; the state will incur a loss of about 160 million euros. The Managing Director of Enlabs Central and Eastern Europe, Dainis Niedra, also talked about the dangers of persistent gambling issues. According to the expert, this is the opinion of some deputies, but not the whole Latvian state.

Disputing data about the rise of gambling addiction during quarantine was presented by the University of London researchers. Its outcomes show that no pattern exists about a rise in gambling acts among many of the ones who were studied. About 4% indicated that online casinos has gained popularity after quarantine started.

Among the 51% who responded, no major changes were observed. Sweden has entered several countries also where the coronavirus pandemic has offered an excuse to decrease online casino deposits. Up to now, the case or limitations like these need more confirmation, stated John Weinerhall, a parliamentarian. The professional also says that because of this resolution, local operators are in danger of losing clients who change to more beneficial offers from illegal firms.

There were also reports of incidents of frequent rate limitations in online and land-based slots before the quarantine period. Germany is one example of this; as early as the beginning of January, the draft State Treaty suggested that new restrictions should be imposed on spins in slots and the federal states should create their regulations for online casinos.

So, we will experience the rise in the rate of gambling addiction during quarantine, which lawmakers mainly discussed; even before the period of the crisis, they frequently presented online casinos in the structure of the services they provided. Because of this, some researches were carried out by Neccton or the University of London and the University of Nottingham’s Department of Gambling Research, which show that how the participants behaved had not changed a lot. However, the degree of the market’s territorial location is an important aspect in this matter, for instance, in Georgia; Markus Davarashvili, Adjarabet representative remarked about the development of online casino operators.

Commenting about the rising participants’ activity, it is important to note the development of the products sector in the previous years, which, may as a result falsify important information.

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