Ukraine Bans Nearly 600 Illegitimate Gambling Sites

Ukraine’s gaming regulator, KRAIL, declared banning 594 gambling sites that operated illegally in the nation.

The national regulator concluded its ruling after investigating more than 1,000 gambling websites and over 100 land-based gaming houses. KRAIL founded that the gaming sites lacked the correct licenses to operate. That is against Ukraine’s Criminal Code Article 203-2.

The decision by KRAIL to ban gaming sites is the recent action in multiple efforts by regulators to streamline the gaming sector in Ukraine. Remember, the nation legalized gambling last year after a ban that lasted for more than a decade. That was after a disastrous fire that killed nine people at a gaming hall in Dniorioetrivsk. The incident happened in 2009.

Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed the Gambling Act last August, making it a law. That was after the approval by the legislature through a 248-95 vote.

KRAIL outlined responsible gaming regulations last week. Among the new rules are the noteworthy limits on offers and bonuses that existing players can access. The updated regulations make it illegal for a gaming operator to tailor gambling bonuses to losses by targeting the offers at gamers on losing streaks.

Remember, the regulators announced comprehensive strategies for a nationwide self-execution structure the previous two weeks. With these proposed regulations, players entering land-based gaming halls will have their details evaluated.

KRAIL granted the initial official Ukrainian gaming license to Spaceiks LCC this February. On the other hand, Parimatch, the recognized universal operator, was the first betting site to launch its gambling activity in March.

At the moment, KRAIL seems to ensure a legal gambling industry in Ukraine. The regulator is keen on what happens in the casino sector, banning platforms that offer illegal services. Keep in mind that this comes after the gaming prohibition that lasted for more than ten years.

Gaming enthusiasts in Ukraine might enjoy a secure atmosphere as regulators in the nation bans illicit gambling sites. Both online and land-based gameRs enjoy multiple benefits by using regulated platforms.

What holds the future of the gambling market in Ukraine after the decade-long ban? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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