SiGMA’s Denis Dzyubenko to assist in managing the Gambling Industry in Ukraine

Denis Dzyubenko to attend Ukraine Gambling Commission’s Advisory Council.

Ukraine is swiftly heading to a completely regulated gambling sector. SiGMA Group’s role in this will be necessary, after Denis Dzyubenko, SiGMA’s CIS Director’s appointment, as a division of the Expert Advisory Council, a section of the Ukrainian Gambling and Lotteries Commission.

Ukraine is about to complete its regulatory structure and has requested international help from enlightened people and sector insiders.

Dzyubenko’s position as part of the sector offers him exceptional perception, together with skill in Ukraine’s developing gambling market.

The Expert Advisory Council will represent a permanent institution that will become a section of the commission and give it suggestions on policies and the right steps in all aspects.

The body’s objective will be to guide and set up gambling rules in the state using a useful method for businesses and consumers.

Today, the Expert Advisory Council has seven outstanding additions like Boris Baum, Ukraine’s Advisor to the Deputy Head (Office of the President), and Asters law company’s Tetiana Tyschenko. More additions worth noting are:

–  Head of Ukrainian Gambling Association, Anton Kuchukhidze

–  ‘ETERNA LAW’ firm’s Managing Partner, Andrey Astapov.

–  ’Sank Kharenko’ Law firm’s Partner, Alina Plyushch.

–   ‘Random Consulting’ Principal Consultant, Mario Galea.

Eman Pulis, Group Founder, and CEO was compelled to talk about the market because SiGMA took part in Ukraine’s gaming space and due to Dzyubenko’s participation in the market:

‘The CIS market overflows with thrilling regulation activity, and we have a lot of faith in this area’s ability to be controlled. We opened an office in Ukraine some years ago. Mr. Denis Dzyubenko was the head, and it gives me great pleasure to see that his work is being recognized at the top level.

Eman Pulis Founder, and CEO of SiGMA

SiGMA’s office in Ukraine controls the firm’s news feed in the area, remarked Pulis, and added that SiGMA’s dedication to the CIS market is steadfast.

Today, about 30% of all the people present at SiGMA are from the CIS areas, making the area an essential region of interest for the firm. With Dzyubenko working closely with authorities and giving the appropriate suggestions about the right direction for regulation, it enables the organization to become more enlightened to implement the state’s ideal actions.

At the beginning of the coming year, the Ukrainian Gambling week will host the first sector expo, bringing together hundreds of leaders in the sector. The trade fair begins with Ivan Rudyi’s keynote. He heads the gambling commission.

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