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Head of National Police and High Rank Prosecutor Arrested in Ukraine Ukraine parliament has legalized gambling on 14th July 2020
Ukraine parliament has legalized the gambling again on 14th July 2020 Casinos Coming to Ukraine After President Zelensky Signs Gambling Bill

Gambling was illegal in Ukraine between 2009 and 2020. The gambling business was outlawed by the Parliament in 2009 after a fire incident occurred in a gambling hall in Dnipropetrovsk, resulting in the death of nine people. The parliament had then passed the law on prohibiting gambling businesses in Ukraine. The law was signed by the then president of Ukraine on June 25th and gambling was banned. This included online casinos, but not on lotteries. But, gambling was once again legalized by the Ukraine parliament on July 14th, 2020, with some age restrictions and regulations.

It did take a little longer for it to happen, but Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President has finally achieved one of his goals. His aim had been to legalize gambling in 2019, but the complexities of establishing a regulated industry turned out to be a bigger challenge than he thought. A casino bill was approved by legislators last month without a lot of resistance and Zelensky also put his signature on the legislation. Thanks to this bill, new casinos may pop up in Ukraine before the end of the year. With bill 2285D, a poor decision that was made 11 years ago was finally reversed.

The ban on gambling in Ukraine had left a huge void in the country’s revenue and the worst part was that black market gambling operations sprung up and there wasn’t a way to stop them. Last year, Zelensky was sworn in as president and he vowed to reverse the law to allow a regulated gambling industry to form. As expected, there was a lot of opposition and the path towards regulated and legalized gambling was certainly not easy. There was a lot of arguments and stalling from the lawmakers and plenty of disagreements on key aspects, such as taxes, licensing and more.

However, with the struggling global economy due to the spread of COVID-19, legislators decided to put aside their differences this year and the 2285D bill was introduced. Some changes were made to the bill by the country’s parliament before its approval in July. Moving forward, there will be eight regulated gambling sectors in Ukraine, which are retail casino, online casino, retail sports gambling, online sports gambling, lotteries, and online poker and totalizer contracts. While this is certainly good news for people because they will have tons of options to choose from, it also creates a dilemma. How will they find the best option for their needs?

This is a common concern amongst those who enjoy gambling and they are often seeking in-depth and honest online casino reviews to help them make the right choice. This is where comes in as we have a team of experts that specialize in testing and reviewing online casinos to help you find the best ones. There is no need for you to feel overwhelmed when you are trying to find a reliable and good casino in Ukraine to start gambling.

How Does Work?

At, we have crafted a just and transparent system for reviewing every single casino in the same manner. This ensures that every review is done in an unbiased way and it helps us determine which websites are at the top of the game and the ones that should be avoided. Our process is rigorous and thorough because we personally sign up with the casino and deposit our money to test their features and services. We claim welcome bonuses, play different games, go over the T&Cs, make a withdrawal and test every single feature of the website. Only then do we give a proper evaluation of the casino in question.

The different steps that are followed by during the testing process are:

– Safety and Security

Our goal is to recommend only trusted and legitimate casinos that have a solid reputation and to help people steer clear of scam sites. Our security and safety checks involve a thorough background check that covers everything, from the owners to any player complaints. We also ensure that the casino is properly licensed by a regulatory body as this will guarantee a fair online gambling experience.

– Games and Software

One of the primary factors to consider when checking a casino is the game selection available. A good casino will offer you a variety of Vegas-style games, such as hundreds of slots, live casino options, your favorite table games and also specialty games. Casinos that offer popular games from top-notch and renowned software providers will obviously get a better rating. We also check if the games are available in various formats. Even if downloadable games are offered by a casino, they should also have instant-play and mobile options.

– Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

At, we also take a look at welcome bonuses to determine if they are as generous as claimed. Some casinos offer a match bonus, but most of them are offering no deposit bonuses that allow you to test real money games without making a deposit. It is also our priority to test the different promotions offered by the casino, such as reload bonuses, free spins, cashback deals and even special refer-a-friend bonuses. Our job is to ensure that players don’t get fooled by false promises when it comes to casino promotions and bonuses.

– Deposits and Withdrawals

Legitimate casinos usually provide a wide array of popular payment solutions, which should be easily available. Cashout speed is a very important factor that’s considered at People want to receive their money as quickly as possible and this can have an impact on a casino’s review. The currencies available are also assessed, along with any transaction limits and fees that players may have to comply with.

– Customer Support

Last, but certainly not the least, also evaluates the customer support options that are available at a casino to ensure you will be in good hands. This makes it easy to identify casinos that have been set up for accommodating and facilitating customers because they will provide 24/7 multilingual support through several channels.